Wednesday, April 1, 2015

PA - The Most Recent Chapter

For a view on how we got to this point, visit the Jon Massey Case.

As a result of the direct actions of CPS, the DSS attorneyKen Shaw's attorney, and Ken Shaw, the judge's disposition specified that the only contact that I was allowed with my youngest daughter was to send letters, cards, and gifts to her through her counselor.

Given Ken Shaw's track record for ignoring the orders of the judges in this case, even when they are written orders, I had to wait until I had a copy in writing to start sending anything to my daughter.

I sent out the first package for her November birthday, and received no response or acknowledgement from the counselor (supposedly a "professional") that it had been received.

So before Christmas I made a phone call to the counselor to check on the status of the first package, and whether or not the counselor still saw my daughter - and received no return call. A few days later I made a second call, thinking that the first had been overlooked.

At that point, apparently the counselor called the DSS attorney, and he contacted my attorney. The DSS attorney informed my attorney that the counselor was no longer employed by the agency in question and that I was to send packages directly to the agency where my daughter allegedly was receiving counselling. I have a letter from the DSS attorney to document.

This whole process took several weeks, so I put together a Valentine's day package and sent it off in plenty of time for her to receive it before Valentine's day.

Imagine my surprise to have the package returned by the agency with a letter explaining that they "were not in a position to accept or forward the item".

The DSS attorney states in his letter that I can send items to the agency, the court order specifies that I am allowed to send "letters, cards, and gifts", and the agency claims that I am not allowed to do so.

So apparently Ken Shaw has either taken my daughter out of counselling to prevent me from contacting her at all, or he has presented the agency with "documentation" that I am not entitled to send her anything.

This is known as Parental Alienation, and Ken Shaw is a master at it. In forthcoming chapters of PA I will describe how he has used this with his other children in the past. He is also a master of deception in other areas and the blog will document how this is a pervasive behavior pattern with him and not just isolated to this case.

Stay tuned, this isn't over yet.

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