Thursday, April 2, 2015

What a Girl Wants!

From the beginning, the motivation behind Ruby's false allegations against Jon was to keep her boyfriend from being arrested (at the time she was 14 and he was 21).

From the time we first learned about the relationship and tried to cut it off in February of 2012, Ruby did everything she could to continue to have contact with the boyfriend.

This included:

  • using other people's Facebook accounts to contact him (we have a Facebook record);
  • using third party texting apps that didn't leave a record (we have her iTunes record as well as an entire log of texting that she did using Google voice);
  • swapping cell phones with other kids to contact him (we have several Facebook conversations detailing her behavior);
  • having friends provide "overnight" alibis and false "mom" phone calls (yup, got a record of that too!)
Short of putting an ankle monitor on her or locking in her room (both of which would have been punishable by CPS), we were doing everything that we could to keep track of her and prevent the relationship.

What we didn't understand is that Ruby was using threats to keep the boyfriend on the hook - she would tell him that if he didn't meet with her she would call the police and tell them that he raped her. (And yes, we have documentation of that also!)

At one point when I threatened to take everything we had to the police to try to have the boyfriend arrested, Ruby told me that she would make sure that I "lost my job, my house, my kids, and ended up a crack whore in an alley, and then she would come along and shave my head"! Nice words - witnessed by two of her siblings, and heard by four neighbors because she was screaming them so loudly. Then she physically attacked me. This was just weeks before the false allegations against Jon.

The final blow up came because we were going to ground Ruby and take away her phone and computer privileges, and not allow her contact with her friends for at least a week. This would have cut off all her possibility for contact with the boyfriend. 

She had already been thwarted because Jon had scared the boyfriend enough in June that we were reasonably sure he wouldn't want anymore contact with Ruby (his mother and brother were both on probation and had been present on one of the nights that Ruby had spent the night at his house without us knowing - so Jon threatened to have them arrested for their involvement).

Ruby was bound and determined to make sure that the boyfriend was NOT arrested so that they could live happily ever after.

Nobody believed Jon and me about her true motivation for the false allegations - or if they did they didn't care and went after Jon for political or monetary reasons.

Imagine my complete lack of surprise upon finding out that a few months ago Ruby was given a cell phone by her guardians (as well as a car), and she immediately got back in touch with the boyfriend (as well as at least three of the individuals with whom she was involved with drugs with). Yes, the guardian was apprised of the situation - and did nothing.

Now we have confirmation that Ruby has contacted the boyfriend so that she can stay with him at his house while she is on vacation. 

Ruby got some of what she wanted - and caused a man's death in the process. She must be proud of herself.

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