Saturday, April 18, 2015

Its All About OUR Money!

Apart from the child support that they can collect from parents when they seize children, CPS also has other cash incentives available to them.

The Federal Adoption Incentive provides cash awards to states according to specific guidelines. Children under age 9 earn $4000 each, and over age 9 earn $8000 each.

There are additional state and federal subsidies for maintaining children in foster care, not the least of which is providing Medicaid coverage, regardless of insurance available through the parents.

From 1998 (when the incentive was enacted) through fiscal year 2013, there has been $450,310,154 shelled out to the states.

But where is all this money coming from?

After all, the child support collected by the local CPS agencies stays in the accounts of the local CPS.

And why is there an escalation in the number of children seized and fast-tracked into adoption?

Lately, story after story is making the news about children being seized from parents without reasonable cause. Almost all of the stories include documentation that not only are no reunification attempts made by CPS, but that the children are deliberately alienated from their parents in order to facilitate termination of parental rights and adoption of the children.

This is due to a clause in the Federal Adoption Incentive.

A baseline was set for each state based on the number of adoptions that the state had in 2007. The incentive is only paid for each child OVER AND ABOVE that baseline number that is adopted in each subsequent year.

When you examine the data in the earning history table, it becomes obvious that states go through cycles of being ineligible for the monies available, followed by an upswing in earning incentive monies once again.

Under this plan every child counts, because each child brings the state one closer to meeting its "goal" of exceeding the baseline for adoptions and earning cash incentives.

The saddest part of this whole program is that the incentive was designed to increase the adoption of children who were already in foster care, children who are considered "unadoptable" due to a variety of reasons (medical conditions, behavioral problems, or simply not belonging to a demographic that is desirable based on gender, age, or ethnic background).

Rather than using the incentives to develop programs that locate parents willing to take on the children most in need of a permanent, stable home, the states are now on an aggressive campaign to locate "adoptable" children, often by seizing them under false pretenses from loving parents who provide appropriate environments and nurturing for their children.

And where does this money come from? Taxpayer dollars of course. The government is kidnapping taxpayer's children at taxpayer expense to pay themselves with the proceeds.

What an amazing money laundering scheme! It is nice to know where our money goes!

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