Saturday, April 25, 2015

DNA Denial!

In my 30 years of working with about 100 people per year, I have learned people come in all types, and unless we have suddenly become a society composed solely of clones, that won't change any time soon. It is built into our DNA to come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations. Life would be boring if we were all identical.

For CPS to intervene because a child doesn't meet their standards just demonstrates how ignorant they are and how far they will go to either: 1) seize children for their adoption/trafficking scheme; or 2) target former foster care children for ongoing monitoring akin to something out of a dystopian novel.

Yet such is the case of Angela Borths. She herself is very "petite", yet apparently she was expected to overcome genetics and produce "normal" sized children. The article about Angela and her battle with CPS can be found HERE.

The level of ignorance of CPS astounds me - if you check Angela's Facebook page dedicated to her battle, she has posted a growth chart on her daughter which shows steady growth, even though she has been consistently in the lowest percentile.

Wait, consistently in the lowest percentile, and yet Angela is expected to perform miracles and have her daughter reach "normal" height, despite the fact that the entire family is in the lower percentiles.

Maybe the CPS action is because Angela herself was a foster child. But wait, that doesn't make sense either. After all, CPS claims that they are the authority on parenting. In fact, according to CPS, if everyone in the family participates in all the services that CPS demands in their service plan, the family will turn out fine.

Angela is not the only former foster child who has been targeted as an adult. It seems to be a common denominator, especially when children are being seized and fast-tracked into adoption.

If you look at the pictures of Angela's children, you can tell that they would be in high demand for adoption - they are cute kids.

And while you are on the webpage Medical Kidnap, go to the homepage and take a look at other stories. Not coincidentally is another story about CPS and Boston Children's Hospital seizing an infant based on the mismanagement of the medical community rather than on the neglect of the parent. This is very similar to the Justina Pelletier case in my prior blog entry, Mito-Malpractice!

It is time to stand up, speak out and expose CPS for the self-serving, fraudulent, corrupt system that it is.

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