Monday, April 6, 2015

The Ten (CPS) Lies

The Ten Lies

that CPS will tell the Family Court and you:

  1. We present the truth and nothing but the truth. (Even CPS caseworkers will admit that they lie and "embellish" reports to win cases.)
  2. We do not let monetary reward, promise of promotion or threat of discipline, political aspirations, opinions of superiors or outside agencies, or anything else influence our quest for the truth. (The Federal Adoption Incentive is a prime example to the contrary. CPS caseworkers are coming forward in increasing numbers to expose the threats and promises that are used to govern their behavior and document the lack of regard for the truth.)
  3. We have thoroughly investigated every case and collected all evidence, reports, and statements. (Multiple case files document that CPS caseworkers routinely ignore or suppress statements from any individual who does not support their case. Additionally, some documentation can be found to support the idea that CPS recruits local law enforcement to assist in this effort.)
  4. We only put facts into our paperwork. (CPS uses "copy and paste" to create court documents, and often fails to delete incorrect information from a prior case or enter correct information from the current case. Even when changes and modifications arise as a result of court action, the CPS paperwork remains uncorrected resulting in continued need for court action to correct it. Additionally, CPS caseworkers often shred their handwritten notes to prevent fact checking regarding cases.)
  5. We honor the concept of family and respect the father and/or mother and their right to be different from us in their parenting approach. (The reality is that CPS is a "nanny state" entity that believes in "our way or the highway", and will punish any parents/family who have different beliefs or practices. Many caseworkers are young and do not have children of their own, so do not have a realistic concept of parenting. Additionally, in some instances caseworkers can be documented as having inappropriate parenting skills themselves.)
  6. We will not kill familial relationships through the use of alienation tactics. (CPS is one of the prime manipulators in PAS and whole family alienation - they remove children from their parents, block contact between family members, and encourage caseworkers and foster parents to discuss cases with the subject children in a way that is derogatory to the parents and other family members.)
  7. We are impartial and only represent the best interest of children and families. (In reality, CPS will support whichever parents and family members assist them in pursuing their actions. CPS has also been known to place children with parents and foster parents who have a history of abuse or other inappropriate behaviors.)
  8. We don't take children from their parents unless we absolutely have to. (CPS will take children from their parents even when there are no issues that endanger the child in any respect. Then the parents must jump through hoops that fiscally benefit them and their partner agencies before their children are returned to them.)
  9. We do not bear false witness against any family member. (Except when they can win cases by doing so...which is pretty much every time.)
  10. We do not desire to remove children or destroy family relationships. (Enough said - they do it because it gives them job security.)

This is a companion resource to The Ten Commandments - which should be a blueprint for the reform of the CPS and Family Court System.

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