Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CPS (Career Preservation Society)

We all hope to one day get a career, not just a job. The difference between the two is that a job pays the bills, a career is something you believe in and enjoy doing (while you get paid to do it).

One of the factors of being employed (whether a job or a career) is being evaluated on what you do and how well you do it.

Such is the situation with CPS...they are accountable to a variety of forms of oversight - the government agencies directly responsible for the supervision of their branch (in NYS it is the county, then the state, and ultimately the federal government), the immediate supervisor, and the director of their branch.

But ultimately, their job, or career, or paycheck - however they view it - relies on one thing and one thing only: having enough cases to justify their positions, and those of their co-workers.

So they "found" cases based on the "quality" of the case in order to provide sufficient numbers to continue their employment.

However, many of the standards used have nothing to do with abuse or neglect, but are based solely on some very inappropriate reasoning.

The list below includes a number of reasons that CPS is taking children nationwide and funneling them into the foster care system. The ultimate goal is to help meet adoption quotas and secure funding, as well as to justify their jobs based on numbers of cases.
  • "Medical neglect" based on the disagreement of a temporary health care provider (ER doctor, first time specialist, etc) or the caseworker with the diagnosis of the regular provider or the parents' wish for a second opinion or different - but medically accepatable - treatment.
  • Ability of the parent to pay child support in excess of the foster care expenses.
  • Animosity between family members which can be utilized to generate additional false allegations of neglect or abuse.
  • "Adoptability" of the children - fitting the high-demand criteria (racial and ethnic appeal, lack of disabilities, lack of negatively impacting backgrounds).
  • "Prior history" of the parents, including any history of having been in foster care, prior reports to CPS, or any other item which CPS deems makes them "high-risk".
  • Inability of parent(s) to have the financial resources to implement a good defense.
Additionally, caseworkers will lie and manufacture allegations in the paperwork to support their wrongful seizure of children.

CPS no longer is an acronym for Child Protective Services, it has evolved to represent Career Preservation Society, a group of individuals whose sole purpose is to collect paychecks based on performing jobs in a manner that continues to support them collecting a paycheck.

Find a voice! Tell your story! Speak out against CPS! It is time to shut down the self-serving corruption!

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