Saturday, April 4, 2015

PA - December 22

A confidante of mine, who was also a mentor to my middle daughter, decided to meet us at the movie theater in Kingston with her two sons - 7 and 11. (She and her mother had also gone to the same church as us - the one in which my youngest daughter was baptized, and her sons went to school with my youngest daughter and had played with her on the playground). She owned property in Canada and had to meet with one of her contractors later in the day about projects on her property. The plan that we had worked out with Ken was to go see Elf, then have lunch at Denny's and then go Christmas shopping at the stores around the theater and restaurant. She and her sons had never seen Elf, and she also thought that my daughter and I might be exaggerating how bad the situation was with Ken.

She showed up a few minutes late, and texted Maura - who went out and led them back to where we were sitting. When the movie ended, I tried to take Amelia's hand to walk her out of the theater, and Ken grabbed her and pushed me away and said "the visit is over". I asked him what the problem was, and he said "the judge never said you could bring anyone". I told him that the judge didn't say I couldn't, and at that point my friend stepped in and said that she would talk to him.

Mary grabbed my youngest daughter and dragged her by the wrist to the other end of the lobby, and my middle daughter took my friend's two sons into the same vicinity. However, whenever my middle daughter tried to talk to and reassure her sister, Mary would grab her by the wrist and pull her away.

I tried to talk to my youngest daughter to reassure her, and Mary pulled her away from me. At that point I told Mary that she was NOT my daughter's mother and that she would NOT keep me from my daughter and I pulled my daughter forward and reassured her and gave her a hug and told her that her sister and I loved her very much. My friend's younger son came over and told her, "Don't worry, it's going to be okay," and gave her a hug also.

Mary then grabbed my youngest daughter and dragged her over to where my friend and Ken were talking and demanded to see ID. My friend showed them her driver's license at which point Mary said "Let's get out of here!" and they dragged my youngest daughter out. We followed trying to get Ken to calm down and continue the visitation but he put my youngest daughter in the car and left.

We tried to file a police report regarding the incident, but they wouldn't take one. Later we found out that Ken and Mary had gone to the police station and claimed that we had stated that we were going to kidnap my youngest daughter, and that my friend had claimed to be with Homeland Security. (Based on a false report Ken filed with Homeland Security, she even had a Homeland Security officer and a Coast Guard officer travel over three hours to interview her, and they found no credibility to Ken's claims at all.)

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