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PA - The Details

For more information on how Ken Shaw was able to get his foot in the door to get started on his destructive campaign of Parental Alienation, please refer to the Jon Massey Case.

A helpful resource to refer to if you are not familiar with PA is the Canadian Article on Parental Alienation.

It is somewhat ironic that this is one of the easiest articles to understand, as Ken Shaw is a Canadian citizen who has engaged repeatedly in false allegations and attacks on US citizens, and has been supported and endorsed by a United States Family Court and CPS branch, as well as a New York State based police department.

The attacks by Ken Shaw are definitively bullying, and almost a form of terrorism. Ken Shaw is pursuing the ideological goal of punishing myself and my family, and securing monetary benefit to himself. He has not restricted his actions to myself and my children, he has also involved multiple other US citizens, and engaged law enforcement and the courts in Canada to further his goals.

If you read the article cited above, all four factors of PA are present in our case.

Ken Shaw repeatedly used Contact Denial and Access Blocking to limit my ability to spend time with my youngest child, often despite court orders to the contrary. That included coaching her to hang up during court ordered phone conversations and walking out of court-ordered visitations either at the onset or before time was complete. We have witnesses and documentation regarding all of this, that CPS and the Family Court refused to hear. On visitation, Ken Shaw would continuously interrupt my conversations and activities with my youngest daughter and attempt to impose his will on her - telling her what moves to make in board/card games, what books to pick out to read at the library, etc.

The second factor, Unfounded Abuse Allegations, was also present. Ken Shaw began making allegations that I was abusing my youngest daughter within a few months of being given custody by Family Court. The irony is that he was "supervising" each and every one of the visitations where this allegedly occurred. The agency he initially reported to, the Kingston Police Department, not only took no action - they told the CPS investigator in Jefferson County and the Watertown Police Department that they believed that the child had been coached! Yet because these reports came in almost a year after CPS had commenced a case against us (see the Jon Massey Case), CPS proceeded against me full speed ahead. What is most telling is that Ken Shaw claims that he "witnessed" some of the alleged abuse and that he did nothing at the time. To be more specific, he claims that he witnessed an episode (or more) of abuse in the beginning of February, yet he never tried to report it to CPS until April. When Ken Shaw called his report in to CPS, he claimed that I had abused not only my youngest child, but also her two older sisters (who both denied all of it). Even the original Family Court judge stated that he "was very skeptical", that he "saw this happen in contested custody cases far too often", and at that point he wanted an outside psychologist to do an evaluation. Ken Shaw even went so far as to tell two other people that I had molested all my children, one of my friends, several of my students, and that my father had molested me. Additionally, Ken Shaw's testimony at hearings in January and February of the following year was so unbelievable and included his admissions that he lied to the police about at least one incident, as well as an episode in which he repeatedly lied at the hearing to a judge about another matter, CPS REFUSED to call him as a witness at the actual trial. On the other hand, I had people accompany me to each and every visitation, and I had also carried an audio recorder around during visitation - until CPS objected and the judge ordered recording stopped, and the witnesses and recordings can verify that I did not abuse or otherwise violate any court orders regarding my daughter. I find it rather coincidental that the abuse allegations did not even begin until after the CPS worker was informed that placement of my daughter in Canada was a Hague Convention violation as there was no allegations against me that constituted an imminent threat of danger to her.

Addition - April 2, 2015:
In reviewing all the documentation that we have, I just located some very important pieces of paperwork regarding Ken Shaw's false allegations. 

The first is a report from the Canadian version of CPS that he made on December 28, 2012. He claimed that I was being emotionally abusive to my youngest daughter during the visitations. The Canadian CPS report clearly states that they weren't going to act on his claims, and closed the case. This is critical, because later on, when he opens a case with the US CPS division and when he testified at two hearings, one in January 2014 and a second in February 2014, he claims that my youngest daughter told him (or his wife - depending on the version he remembers at the time) on the night of December 26, 2012 that I had sexually molested her in a hot tub (while he was present and watching us, as well as there being three lifeguards, my middle daughter, a family friend, and several other families, one of whom shared the hot tub with us.) Yet in the report of December 28, there is no mention of anything about sexual abuse.

Then there is a second letter from the same agency indicating that they once again became involved with Ken Shaw's "family" on February 19, 2013. This was a few days after a visitation in which Ken Shaw screamed and swore at my middle daughter and I in the middle of a crowded movie theater. Once again, in the letter dated April 22, 2013, the agency states that the Kingston Police are not making any charges based on their interviews with my youngest daughter. As a point of interest, the police never even bothered to contact me for my version - which indicates how strongly they felt the reports were false. The Canadian CPS agency once again closed the case, also without ever contacting me.

Factor three is Deterioration in Relationship Since Separation, and it follows that since Ken Shaw had done everything that he could to interfere with and damage our relationship, this occurred. From birth until the false allegations of Ruby, my youngest daughter had lived with me in the same house, going eventually to the same schools, and had regular contact with her siblings - every day with my middle child and Ruby, at least once a week with her older brother, and at least once a month with her oldest sister. But due to the actions of CPS and the judge, she was no longer allowed ANY contact with her oldest two siblings, and her contact with my middle child was limited to when I was allowed to see her. She was ripped away from her friends (who live in houses on either side of ours, her school that she had attended for three years, and her pets) by the actions of the judge and CPS. The judge decided (as a result of Ken Shaw's deliberate vicious attack on my middle child at a visitation in 2013) that my middle daughter would no longer be allowed any contact. And as a result of Jon's wrongful conviction and subsequent suicide, the judge terminated all my visitation.

Finally is the Intense Fear Reaction which has been repeatedly witnessed by those who were accompanying me to visitation. However, my youngest daughter was not responding to me with fear, but rather to Ken Shaw. This was huge - my youngest daughter has always been eager to please and very compliant - which got her in trouble a few times at school for "following the crowd". What was witnessed repeatedly by the multiple individuals who accompanied me to visitation (including a psychologist who was hired by the court) was that my youngest daughter repeatedly looked to her father and/or step-mother for permission to answer questions or to engage in activities in a way that indicated worry and/or fear. When Ken and/or Mary Shaw moved suddenly or began to speak, she would flinch or get a startled and scared look on her face. But CPS did everything they could to discredit all my witnesses at trial, even the psychologist that had been hired by the court and was considered an expert in these matters in much of Central New York.

Additionally, Ken and Mary Shaw made it clear that they were stalking the social media profiles of everyone who came with me on visitation - often continuing with this behavior long after the visitation.

I'm sorry that I can't give more specific details at this time, however we are heading into appeal and have found that after every hearing and trial, the testimony of the prosecuting witnesses changes to reflect what they have learned from the previous court action.

If you had never heard of PA (Parental Alienation) before - the link at the beginning of the article is a good starting point, as well as the link given in "PA - The Most Recent Chapter".

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It is so true. Society frets over the damage to children, and it is real. But parents are destroyed having to deal with trumped up allegations they cannot defend against.