Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's All About MORE Money!

For a preview of how CPS turned Ruby into a cash cow, read The Jon Massey Case

Within three days of Ruby making false allegations, CPS realized that their case was going to fall apart unless they acted. The coerced me into signing her into "respite care" which would put her under their control and from there they fast-tracked her into foster care.

But 'winning' an abuse case to avoid a lawsuit wasn't the only goal. Within weeks of having the judge move her from respite to foster care, CPS filed for child support against me and my ex-husband, Ruby's father.

Let's do the math: I paid them $386 bi-weekly, and her father paid them $629 bi-weekly. This went on for over two years (25 months to be exact)! Ruby was in foster care for 19 months. The per diem cost for foster care was less than $20 a day (the figure was researched and given to us by a county legislator). Ruby was covered under my insurance (dental, medical, and vision) with only a $26 co-pay.

Total cost for foster care? Approximately $11,500. Total collected from her parents?Approximately $51,000. Profit to CPS? Around $39,500. This does not include state and federal funds received by CPS for a child in foster care.

An additional issue is that CPS collected around $12,000 from Ruby's parents while Ruby was in kinship care for six months - and did NOT pass-through any of the monies to that individual!

What a racket! Why would they bother to tell the truth?

And this is definitely a reason why they would launch a full-out attack on any parent who chose to fight back and file a lawsuit against them (as I did).

It is all about MORE money!

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