Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's All About the Money!

For a background, check out the Jon Massey Case.

Our case is a clear demonstration that first and foremost in the mind of CPS is promoting cases that generate revenue - even when they are false!

Ruby was placed into foster care almost immediately (within 3 days) upon making the false allegations because CPS quickly realized that they had made a mistake and wouldn't be able to control her behavior unless they had physical control over her. Controlling her behavior was necessary because even in that short period the case workers became aware that her allegations were most likely false.

Within a month they had asked her father, my ex-husband, if he would take her. This is the man who they had cited in 2001 with child abuse, who had never completed his service plan, and who had entered an Alford Plea on the charges.


He refused to take Ruby, and within a few more months they had persuaded him to relinquish his parental rights. The DSS attorney claimed that they had someone willing to adopt Ruby.

This was a man who had been making $150K + per year, and his child support obligation was fairly steep, so when the DSS attorney gave him what appeared to be the chance to get out from under that obligation, he jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn't?

At the hearing, the DSS attorney presented the matter to the judge in such a way that even the judge believed that Ruby was going to be adopted in short order. The judge said that he would terminate the support obligation at the same time.

Suddenly, the DSS attorney put on the brakes! He told the judge that they didn't have someone to adopt her yet, and that Ruby's father should continue to pay support until Ruby was adopted. What the DSS attorney didn't inform Ruby's father was that there was a kinship placement (NOT adoption) in the works.

So - Ruby's father continued to pay support, the kinship placement went through, CPS collected child support from Ruby's father for six months without passing it through to the family member, and he continues to this day to pay child support to the family member that Ruby has been placed with.

It is all about the money, folks! Don't let anyone fool you into believing otherwise.

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