Thursday, April 2, 2015

PA - Not Just for Parents Anymore!

Parental Alienation is not just limited to the parent(s) who are targeted.

When an Alienator engages in a campaign, they need to destroy all relationships that the child has with not only the target parent, but also the family of the target parent. If they don't, the child being manipulated will still be able to see and hear news of the target parent, and continue to form their own opinions.

Ken Shaw is a master of alienation manipulation with my youngest daughter. Setting aside what he did in regards to me, he also targeted my other children (her older siblings), and my other family members.

My youngest daughter has four siblings from my household.

Her oldest sister at the time of the false allegations was living and working over an hour away. But she made time to get home and spend time with her siblings at least once a month, so the little one had fairly frequent contact with her.

Her brother lived a few blocks away and was over at our house several times a week, eating dinner at least once a week and hanging out to watch movies or to go places other times.

My middle child and Ruby lived at home with the little one and me.

I am no saint, and neither are my children, although they all are very bright.

Ken Shaw deliberately targeted all of them to keep them separated from their youngest sister.

Now keep in mind, at the onset of the false allegations against Jon MasseyKen Shaw repeatedly told the CPS workers, the AFC, my attorney, Jon's attorney, my neighbors and friends, that Ruby "was a liar" that she "told lies about his sons" and that he "didn't believe her". Not only are most of those witnesses willing to testify to Ken's statements, we even have the CPS notes that document his report to them.

But once his attorney arrived on the scene, suddenly his attitude and behavior changed. He began limiting/denying my access to my youngest daughter. He and his attorney began making false statements in court. Most importantly, he began denying my oldest two children the opportunity to see their youngest sister.

CPS made it very easy for him - they insisted that my youngest child, a US citizen who had lived in this country her entire life, be placed in Canada. Mind you, this is a Hague Convention violation which has very specific guidelines for placing children in another country. The judge and her AFC and CPS violated her rights as a US citizen. (A CPS caseworker has even come forward and stated that she should never have been placed outside the US, and worst case scenario should have been placed in a foster care.)

My oldest two children have made some mistakes in their lives, and crossing an international border isn't always easy. Canada can be very strict, and my two oldest were either ineligible, or would have to pay a $500+ bond to be allowed into the country to see their sister. That doesn't sound like much, but to a young adult with student loans and car payments it is overwhelming.

Additionally, Ken Shaw began making the false allegation that my son had told my youngest daughter that he was going to "kidnap" her and bring her home. He specifically cited a phone conversation that had occurred at a family event, in front of THREE ATTORNEYS AND A JUDGE'S WIFE, all of whom were listening and waiting to talk to my youngest daughter.

What Ken has done to my middle child goes beyond the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

In May of 2013 the family court judge (who expressed that he felt that the allegations that Ken made against me were false) permitted me to bring an adult in addition to my middle child on visitation. On one of the occasions we brought a friend of my middle daughter who was over 18 and who had spent time with the youngest one watching Disney movies.

At some point, after a confrontation in which Ken Shaw took something that one of the girls left on the table, Ken stood up in the middle of a public library, in front of the youngest child and the middle child, and began yelling at the top of his lungs at my middle child: "Your mother has molested your sister, and she molested you too! You just don't know about it yet!" He even admitted to doing so in court, but the judge's response wasn't to terminate Ken's supervision, it was to SUSPEND my middle daughter's visitation with her younger sister.

Finally, in September of 2014 we had a dispositional hearing. As part of the process, there were negotiations with Ken Shaw and his attorney regarding visitation for my middle daughter with her youngest sister. Although they had reached an agreement with my daughter and her attorney, in the hearing a matter arose over an outstanding violation petition that I had filed against Ken Shaw (for his actions revolving around and during court ordered visitation). Immediately Ken and Mary Shaw and his attorney began screaming at my daughter "If you testify in this matter, we will revoke the agreement," screaming at my daughter's attorney, "If you allow your client to testify on the violation petition, we will revoke the agreement and fight you for visitation in court," and screaming and yelling at me, "If you go ahead with this petition, we will revoke your daughter's visitation with her sister." This occurred both in front of the judge, and then continued when he went in chambers. This occurred in front of the DSS attorney, two AFCs, and the court officers. It was so egregious that on a subsequent court date when I had to be in a room with Ken Shaw's attorney, the court officer came in with me and stood by me to protect me from Ken Shaw's attorney.

Yes, I withdrew the petition UNDER DURESS. This is called witness intimidation and is a criminal offense. Yet the Family Court Judge sat there and DID NOTHING!

You would hope that it is an end to the story - but it isn't. My middle child, after all the paperwork got finalized (which took a few months because Ken Shaw decided to be less than cooperative) went to her first visitation. My middle daughter has no offenses that would cause border crossing to be an issue, and we thought it should have been a simple trip - about an hour to get there. Instead, she got pulled into Canadian Customs and her vehicle, all her belongings, and her cell phone were searched - that included searching through all her emails, Facebook posts and messages, and text messages. The Canadians claimed that it was routine, but meanwhile she was late for the scheduled visitation appointment and almost wasn't allowed to see her sister.

We thought that the second time would be easier, but she asked me to go along just in case. We had a repeat performance of the prior time, except this time they held both of us for over an hour and a half. I have been crossing the border since I was 18, and have never had these types of issues, so I began checking around. I contacted Homeland Security who referred me to Canadian Customs. We also had a friend do some casual checking on a "US customs officer" to "CA customs officer" basis and got an interesting report. Although through official channels, there was no reason either of us should be subjected to that type of behavior, the unofficial word was quite different. What we learned is that someone had given Canadian Border Patrol a document that made it appear that there was an order of protection against both me and my middle child to limit or prevent contact with my youngest daughter. There has never been such a document against my middle child, so someone apparently decided to play fast and loose with creating a false document or altering an existing one. This is no surprise - par for the course with Ken Shaw.

At any rate, after my official inquiries, the border behavior suddenly ceased. But that still doesn't mean that my daughters get to see each other as they should and were accustomed.

But there are far greater implications: An AMERICAN court and an AMERICAN government agency worked in concert to revoke and or deny the rights of not one but five AMERICAN citizens in concert with a citizen of a different country. Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?


Unknown said...

Do you know what abuse-by-proxy is? As I read your blog posts, especially this one with Ken Shaw's deliberately inappropriate public behavior in the library, in which the only grounded intention in the behavior would be "public humiliation", in addition to other events (border crossing problems/forged documents), there is no doubt in my mind that abuse-by-proxy is driving legal strategies in the court room around custodial issues.

What is abuse-by-proxy? Essentially it is using third parties to destabilize a targeted individual's life for the purposes of literally "socially orchestrating" changed custodial circumstances. Once this has been accomplished through deliberate intrusive acts perpetrated upon family relations/neighborhood relations/professional relations, a legal claim is then put forth that a "change in custodial status" needs to be addressed, due to the "changed custodial circumstances", which were deliberately orchestrated, coming into fruitition as the result of collusion between/among those who have a direct stake-hold in the custodial issues and their third-party accomplices who are doing the dastardly deeds.

The first goal of abuse-by-proxy processes driving legal strategies in a custody issue is to get the targeted individual locked into a legal definition (mentally unfit/abuser, etc). All of this is accomplished through the essential use of legal fraud. Once this first goal is achieved --- locked into a legal definition --- the rest becomes easier, as they continue to build upon this criminally obtained legal victory, all based upon legal fraud. Consequently, anything that follows from this fraudulently obtained legal victory is “fruit of the poisoned tree”.

Bottom line: When abuse-by-proxy drives legal strategies in the family court custody arena, what you have is a CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD CUSTODIAL RIGHTS. We need to start recognizing the objective signs, which are identifiable in these processes, and treat these criminal activities accordingly; to wit, charging offenders with the felony offense of CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD CUSTODIAL RIGHTS.

This is the message in my social media, based on my 17-years of experiences in being impacted by same, at the hands of the original attorney I retained to protect both my daughter’s and my rights to live a life free from abuse. Unfortunately, he married a relative to the opposing party over the course of representing me, a woman who was a paralegal by trade. They now run an “on-line” legal office (, specializing in divorce/annulment/custody/livingtrusts-wills. Both of these entities are pros at abuse-by-proxy for the purposes of creating a corrupted custody issue. Both of these entities personal lives anchor in the world of pornography and “swinging-sex lifestyle”. Sometimes, behind what appears to be the benign smiling face of a “helping professional”, lurks the heart and soul of a monster.

Learn about Abuse-By-Proxy via the work of Sam Vaknin. Here’s a starting point for you (these videos are only 5-12 mins in length):

Sam Vaknin: On - Abuse By Proxy -
On - Gaslighting
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River Life said...

Thank you so much! And there are more posts forthcoming about Ken Shaw AND his attorney (who has been "ankle deep head first" in these strategies in multiple divorce/custody cases. Some of her former clients came forward with statements regarding her tactics.