Sunday, April 26, 2015


One thing that has stood out throughout my readings on PA (Parental Alienation) is that it carries many of the same markers as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

Although PA has not been included under that label in the DSM-IV or DSM-5, it actually has been present in both editions under other descriptions. The phrases used are "pathological triangle" and "estrangement", and there are several different codes that are used for a diagnosis of what is essentially Parental Alienation. Click HERE for an article describing the presence of PA in the DSM.

However, NPD is definitely listed as a DSM-IV and DSM-5 disorder and many attribute the presence of PA to a parent who has NPD or borderline NPD. Two of the specific traits which most likely contribute to the inability to recognize that the PA they are inflicting is wrong is their lack of empathy, and their intimacy issues. They see relationships as being superficial and self-serving and are unable to recognize the harm that they are doing to others.

Indeed, when you google PA + NPD, there are multiple pages of articles that appear. To a tee, whether or not they acknowledge the legitimacy of PA, they acknowledge that NPD causes very toxic parenting - almost a scorched earth for the alienated parent as well as the children and any family members who are included under the umbrella of the alienator's abuse. The only one who "wins" (at least in their warped perspective) is the alienator him/herself.

Worthy of a read are the following selections:
There are many others available, but these seemed to be fairly comprehensive and research based.

Ultimately, what is important to recognize is that the techniqes and strategies used in what is now commonly known as Parental Alienation (PA) definitively fall into the range of emotional and psychological abuse - not just for the child(ren) involved, but also for the targeted parent and family members.

The environment of Family Court and the CPS system not only don't discourage PA, they actually provide a venue which fosters the behaviors. This is totally contradictory to their stated mission - providing support to maintain families. Yet without PA and NPD, the entire system would collapse for lack of business. So they maintain this unhealthy climate to provide themselves with job security.

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose a corrupt agency and system for the abusers that they are!

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