Monday, June 15, 2015

Off to the Races!

As if New York State CPS didn't need any more excuses to wrongfully seize children, terminate parental rights and set children up for adoption...(click for a link to the article)

Governor Cuomo Announces $1.57 Million For Post-Adoption Services

In other words, there is ALL NEW money to be sucked in, which means affirmation of the reasons why CPS will continue to deny parental and Constitutional rights, make false allegations and present fraudulent paperwork to Family Court, and otherwise be an enemy of families and children.

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose CPS!

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Unknown said...

Standford Prision Study has been on my mind as I try and fathom how one group can justify such injustices as stripping a parent of their children. They are making a silly movie that is do out in July and if it reaches people again then it may be worth it.