Saturday, June 20, 2015


Odd things just keep popping up in the Jon Massey case.

This, for example:

You might be wondering why I consider this "odd", so let me enlighten you.

  1. The July 2013 Grand Jury is the same one that was used to issue a superseding indictment on Jon Massey when the original charges fell apart on the DA for a number of reasons. (See: ADAs, Nerd Law and Legalese, and Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News for a small sampling of the flaws in the case).
  2. Scott D. McNamara is the Oneida County District Attorney. Apparently even he seems to think there is a need to unseal the record.
  3. Judge Martusewicz is the same Judge who dismissed the indictment and sealed the record against Jon Massey after his suicide, in accordance with the law and Appellate Court rulings that protected Jon's Constitutional Rights post mortem. Yet Judge Martusewicz is the same judge who quickly unsealed that same record (in violation of court procedure requiring a higher level judge to do so) - in order to allow Jefferson County Family Court to continue to persecute the family (families) that supported Jon Massey.
It appears (at face value) that there is something rotten in the county of Jefferson that has come to the attention of all, even the prosecutors of nearby counties.

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose corruption wherever possible!

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