Monday, June 8, 2015

"Family" Court?

And this is business as usual for Family Court - judges ignoring the truth, those charged with enforcing the law instead violating it, witness tampering, but worst of all - damage done to a child and a family!

We had judges listening to what they knew were outright lies, yet instead of shutting the liars down and advocating for the truth and justice, they continued to penalize those of us telling the truth.

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose a corrupt system.


Unknown said...

Hopefully my questioning of your logic is not deemed as disrespectful. The truth is this woman likely abused the law that is designed to protect them. What type of abuse do men suffer because of lies? This is what we need to begin to ask and we should hold society accountable for ignoring the consequences given to the privladged gender. What "TRUTH" are you referring to?

Thank you

River Life said...

How did making a court appearance for a routine manner demonstrate that she was abusing the law? The court officer was found guilty in this matter.

Unknown said...

What was he found guilty of?

Unknown said...

She was payed $200,000 but no one was found to have actually sexually molested this woman. The press seems free to suggest this but we should be very careful with the truth. Thank you and I'm not sure if you know of the Brian Banks story? It is just too easy to destroy a man. The shields of protection become weakened when used as a weapon. We need to protect true victims and avoid the victim hood mentality that profits some. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

I'm responding to this comment made by: Sean Flynn June 10, 2015 at 10:19 PM
"Hopefully my questioning of your logic is not deemed as disrespectful. The truth is this woman likely abused the law that is designed to protect them."
1. Patricia Doninger was fired from her position as "Hearing Master", after NATIONAL OUTRAGE at this event --- the protests did not originate within the state of Nevada --- an indicator of just how corrupt operations of justice in this locality have been historically.
2. THE TRUTH IS MR FLYNN: A "sexual assault" did occur as a matter of FACT, given the law suit findings and award to Ms Contreras.
3. See this: 6/19/13 (LasVegasTribune)

Furthermore, coming into the public domain for questioning and debate, related to the Monica Contreras case, are these issues:
5/18/15 (LasVegasTribune)
4. Monica Contreras was RE-VICTIMIZED in the most egregiously violating manner, at the hands of two state-empowered agents. If you read the 2015 link, we learn that historically the Eighth District Court has been in violation of it's own formal Rules of Procedure (EDCR-1):
"The Clark County VIA office initiates cases into the Clark County District court system. EDCR 1 (Eighth Judicial District Court Rule 1) requires the Family Division Presiding Judge oversee hearings of domestic violence. The VIA is not overseeing the enforcement of EDCR
In fact, the cases are assigned to various judges, judges pro tem, hearing commissioners, and commissioners pro tem. As a result, a sporadic judiciary makes inconsistent decisions. Victims are re-victimized. The Eighth Judicial District Court does not follow its own rules."
Monica Contreras' case was a domestic issue that should have only been heard by a "Family Division Presiding Judge" (EDCR-1). It wasn't, it was heard by a "Hearing Master". Had the court been in compliance with their own formal "Rules of Procedure", this horrendous act literally perpetrated by the very same agents that should be offering assistance, most likely never would have occurred.
THE TRUTH IS, MR FLYNN: Monica Contreras was RE-VICTIMIZED as a direct result of the court not being in compliance with its own formal rules governing procedures, given "domestic issue" at hand.
You picked a lousy case to make your point and I'm just trying to set the record straight on it.

Unknown said...

This blog posting was written specifically for the #OpExposeCPS Las Vegas NV held on 6/5/15. It contains a series of links on the issues that have been running in the background of any custody case that made it's way through the Eighth District Family Court in Clark County NV over the past decade. If your custodial issue has had any legal actions occurring within this "justice" system, you need to be aware of long-standing corruption issues now coming into the public domain for review, debate and legal actions. Greatly appreciate you sharing this information on a grand scale. Thanks again.
Regarding: #OpExposeCPS Las Vegas NV: Illuminating the Historical Context of Corruption in Operations of Justice in Family Court ~ Clark County Nevada

Unknown said...

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