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"Dirty Tricks and Retribution" - Part 1

For the "start of the story", visit the Jon Massey Case.

The abuse from CPS/DSS and the Jefferson County Court System was beyond belief. When I tell my sister about it she thinks I am exaggerating because the incidents are so out of control.

The title for this blog comes from an email I received four months after Jon's death. There is a VERY short list of people who had my email address, so it isn't hard to know that it came from one of those people (most of them employed by DSS/CPS or the DA's office).

So I received this email, clicked on the link, and it went directly to a news article about Jon's death. I managed to get a chuckle because Jon had years before purchased the domain names that referenced my name with middle initial and my name by nickname. The abusive idiot who did this was left with "sloppy seconds".

An IT friend of mine was all set to trace the individual, but within two hours the account had been closed and "no longer existed" according to Google.

A few days later I discovered that I had missed something that had been sent to my "Other" inbox on Facebook, apparently on the same day.

Once again, the account had either been closed immediately, or I had been blocked. These are actions of a VERY immature but manipulative and devious individual.

All of this occurred a few days AFTER I was called into the office by my immediate supervisor. (I will not name them, because they had obviously been manipulated by individuals of the same ilk.) I was told that I might be getting a disciplinary letter in my file because "friends and family of the judge" were upset about what I was posting on Facebook about the case, and because I had a GoFundMe account that I was posting about the case on. I was posting on MY Facebook page, and MY GoFundMe account - information that is contained in the article about Jon Massey and what was done to him in criminal court. The phrase "friends and family of a certain judge" was repeated several times. The individuals who went to my employer were upset and said that they "didn't think they could work with me" anymore because of my posts.

Let me get something straight about my philosophy - each of us is our own individual. We are not our friends or our family members. We each deserve to be treated with dignity and respect for who and what we are, not for the behaviors and actions of those around us. If I have a problem with someone, it is because I have a problem with them, not anyone they are related to or in contact with. We all have skeletons in the closet and those crazy or deranged family members, so I'm not one to throw stones.

Sidebar aside, I did not get a disciplinary letter when I made it clear that my posts were made on MY time, on MY account, from MY devices.

Before that point, my house had been subjected to multiple raids by the police based on false reports filed by Ken Shaw, his attorney Ruthanne Sanchez, his wife Mary Shaw, Eileen Ruggiero (the DSS caseworker), and Michael D. Werner (the DSS attorney). I have the email record, so obligingly provided in the DSS discovery, that demonstrates the involvement of all of those individuals. The pretext of the police raids was that Jon Massey was supposedly living at my house in violation of the Orders of Protection.

From the date of the allegations until all orders of protection were lifted (July 11, 2013) Jon initially lived at his mother's apartment in Carthage, NY. Then he moved in with his sister in Carthage, NY for about two months. Finally, he lived with our friend in Watertown from sometime in late October/early November 2012 until her death in July 2013. Carthage is about 30 minutes away from Watertown.

The raids were initiated by Ken Shaw in January 2012, who lied and claimed that I told him Jon was "sneaking in the back door at night", and who also lied and said that he "heard Jon calling the dog" while I was on the phone with my youngest daughter. Let's get some information straight - my house is completely enclosed with a 6 foot fence and Jon was 5'6" and had some medical conditions that would have prevented him from easily climbing the fence; additionally, the only entrance(s) were through the garage/gate on a driveway shared with my neighbor who works for Jefferson County Sheriff's Department and has a dog that barks if you sneeze. Secondly, Ken Shaw lives over three hours away in Canada and would have no knowledge of what happens on a day to day basis in my house.

Once Ken Shaw kicked it off, DSS and Ken's attorney jumped on board. After the first time the police showed up, there were two more episodes. The first time was about 5 pm, and they not only didn't find Jon (who was at a medical appointment the full time in question), my daughter and I had already left the house.

The second time was about 3 am that weekend - my daughter called me because they were pounding on the door. She let them in, but Jon and I were at a hotel (security cameras can document). They searched the entire house and tracked mud all through at the same time.

The third time they showed up was about 1 am around a week or so later. Two of the kids who are friends with my daughter were there out front, and the police specifically asked for Jon. Ironically, one of the kids was named John, and after clarifying that the police weren't looking for him, the kids both informed the police that Jon Massey didn't live at the house. So the police found reasons to ticket the kids for their cars and then left.

The next round was in early February 2014. The DA served me with a subpoena for Jon's trial at 11:30 pm on a work night - apparently specific orders were left to serve me during the 11 pm to 7 am shift - and I was told by a police officer that I "was lucky they didn't serve me at 2 am". When I was served for the first trial on the original charges, it was at about 4 pm and a courtesy call was made in advance to arrange service. Can you imagine being woken up at 11:30 pm from a sound sleep to a police officer pounding on your door? I actually had a Letter to the Editor published in the Watertown Daily Times regarding this abuse of power.

These are just a few of the dirty tricks that were engaged in because Jon and I "dared" to fight back and try to get the truth heard.

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