Monday, March 30, 2015

Suicide Is NOT a "Choice"!

For the "start of the story", visit the Jon Massey Case.

Jon had been diagnosed with major depressive disorder with suicidal ideations in 2004, but had been suffering with medical and other issues for years before that.

This was long before Jon and I had reunited in 2008 - I say reunited because we met in Junior High and were friends all through high school - graduating together in 1979.

Depression is not easy to deal with, but Jon and I did our best to not let it affect our lives.

Unfortunately, in New York State - apparently a suicide attempt can be used as an "indicator of guilt" by police and prosecutors, so Jon leaving the house to attempt to kill himself when Ruby made her allegations was not seen as a response that was part of his medical disability, but rather an attempt to avoid prosecution.

This could not be further from the truth. If you asked any 10 men what their response would be if a teenage girl accused them of sexually molesting her, I have no doubts that at least 8 of them would admit that they would think about suicide.

So for a man who already had the predisposition, Jon's response was no more abnormal than it would be if he wanted a cup of tea and the sugar bowl was empty - anything big or small could be a trigger for his suicidality.

What I do know is that Jon pulled himself back from the edge that day when he was picked up by the Sheriff's department, and he spent the next two years fighting back his suicidal urges every day to try to prove himself innocent. He knew that the only way to save our family was to continue to fight, despite all the obvious corruption that was continuously thrown at us.

Jon's fight from July 2012 through February 2014 is how anyone should know that he was not guilty - a man with his level of depression would simply have found a way to kill himself as soon as possible rather than fight a corrupt system against incredible odds.

And yet, "Honorable" John Brennan, in his infinite wisdom, when our case finally came before him in Family Court, became just as abusive and corrupt as Judge Martusewicz. We have the transcript in which Judge Brennan stated on the record that Jon Massey's suicide was a "choice" by which Jon relinquished his right to appeal.

Judge Brennan, suicide is never a "choice"! Your choice of words was inappropriate beyond measure, and most probably an ADA violation.

Judge Martusewicz, your choice of waving off standard courtroom procedures when placing Jon under arrest upon the verdict was also most likely an ADA violation. You had been presented with evidence of his longstanding depression including multiple hospitalizations for suicidality, yet you took no precautions to treat Jon as a suicide risk upon taking him into custody. 

Although, given the fact that you listened to at least 5 prosecution witnesses testify in front of you that Ruby had given each of them the same allegations (using multiple references - "last year", "eighth grade", and 2010-2011) and then she changed her story three days later and you didn't think it was an issue, I would say that you may have some serious perceptual issues.

The two of you will have to live with the choices you made, in driving a man to the brink of despair by your manipulation and stupidity, and then your choices to add insult to injury after his death.

But Jon did not make a "choice" - he was forced into his actions by the corrupt system that is represented by both of you. With the narrow minded thinking that the two of you demonstrated, I'm sure that you tell yourselves that people "choose" to be bullied and abused.

Suicide is NOT a "choice"!

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose a corrupt system that FORCES people to bring themselves to the end!

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Randall said...

It is indeed such a time. It's long past due. Let those of us who know join together. Alone we are one. Together we are many, we are angry, and we have had enough. Lessons of the Unbound Sun.