Friday, July 10, 2015

Anti-Social Workers

"Social workers" hired by the "Family Services System" (CPS, DSS, Family Court) often have little or no education relevant to their job, and are often given "job training" and "workshops" by their employers which is specifically targeted at advancing the aims of these agencies. (Read the blog entries It's All About the Money!, It's All About MORE Money!, It's All About OUR Money! for more details.)

The Chen family found out just how inept and untrained these social workers can be when they contacted Family Services for assistance with their autistic son. (Click here for a link to the article.)

Rather than receiving the help that an agency named "Home Supportive Services" should be providing to parents tasked with round-the-clock care for a high needs child, the social worker took it upon herself to manufacture a CPS case against the Chens.

It took over a year and action by a Grand Jury to supposedly clear up the issue, although at this point the county isn't even acknowledging the problem.

All of the recent publicized incidents involving law enforcement (Baltimore, Ferguson, NYC) have raised doubt in the public and reluctance to turn to the police for assistance. But incidents like that encountered by the Chens (as well as many other people) have caused parents and families to actively turn away from and avoid those agencies that supposedly are tasked and funded to support and assist them.

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose the fraud that is DSS/CPS/the Family Court System.

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