Monday, July 6, 2015

Legalized Abuse

From the US to Canada, Great Britain to Australia, children removed from their parents and placed in foster care, group homes, detention centers, or other locations are being subject to abuse.

But worse than that, the abuse is being covered up or ignored by the very system that was designed to prevent it from occurring.

Why? Because abuse of children while in the care of CPS/DSS/DFCS is the clearest demonstration that the system is irretrievably broken and needs to be dismantled and replaced with something that truly works to the benefit of children and families.

One of the most recent examples of how convoluted the system has become is the Border Force Protection Act in Australia. Despite the law regarding mandatory reporting of child abuse, the mandated reporters will now face prosecution if they report the same abuse occurring against children within a detention center.

Daily more reports are made of children being sexually and physically abused while in foster care - and this doesn't even begin to encompass the psychological and emotional abuse inflicted by social workers and foster parents who engage in estrangement techniques to work towards termination of parental rights and subsequent adoptions.

The links above are just a small sample of what is easily found from mainstream media when you Google "foster care abuse".

The numbers statistically would be much higher if all the actual cases of abuse in foster care were reported. However a variety of issues prevent reports from being filed:
  • the children are too young to report the abuse;
  • the people attempting to report the abuse are the biological parents - and CPS/DSS ignores them or labels the reports as "lies";
  • children old enough to report the abuse are frequently convinced that they are at the mercy of the case worker/foster parent (due to being ripped from their family/parents) and they don't think that anything will be done.
Even one case is "too many", yet DSS/CPS/DFCS continues to relentlessly seize children on a daily basis and place them in environments where they are just a commodity that earns cash - for the foster parents and for the system.

Educate yourself on a system that is irrevocably broken worldwide.

It is time to stand up, speak out, and expose CPS.

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Debbie said...

It sickens me so badly to know that these so called Government Departments, who are supposed to be keeping our children and grandchildren safe, are not....some of these beautiful children are suffering all kinds of abuse in care, that they never suffered at home.
These departments need to be held %100 accountable for all the wrong they are doing and have caused to all these loving families that just want their babies home. There needs to be an independent investigation into all of these Departments.
Like I keep saying we all need to stand together as ONE....