Saturday, January 15, 2022

Woolley Bully

Woolly bully
Woolly bully
Woolly bully
Woolly bully
Woolly bully
Watch it now, watch it, here he comes

You got it, you got it

~Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs


Principal Nicholas Woolley:

On Thursday, January 13, 2022 you/your school (St. Theresa's Catholic Secondary School) were contacted by ********* City School District on behalf of my daughter, ****** ****, for a copy of her school record.

Upon information and belief, you refused to comply with that request, claiming that she had no rights to the record.

On Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 12:06 pm I contacted you requesting that you provide ********** City School District with a copy of my daughter's (****** ****) school record.

You refused to comply with that request, and verbally stated that the grounds for your refusal was that I had no rights.

I asked at that time, before the termination of the call, that since ******* was over the age of 16 and had been emancipated under Canadian guidelines, she had the rights to her school records.

You stated that you would look into that question "when you had time" but made no effort to secure a phone number or email to respond to that request for information.

After the end of the phone call it took me all of two minutes to locate the MFIPPA ( which you should be fully acquainted with as a school administrator.

Under the provisions of the MFIPPA:
DO STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS HAVE A RIGHT TO ACCESS STUDENTS’ RECORDS? Yes. Students and their parents have a right to access the student’s personal information from their schools and school boards. This right is provided for in both MFIPPA and the Education Act. These two pieces of legislation operate independently, have different rights and responsibilities, and may also lead to different results.

HOW DOES A CHILD’S AGE AFFECT THE PARENT’S RIGHT OF ACCESS TO PERSONAL INFORMATION? Until a child turns 18, their parents or guardians have a right under the Education Act to examine the child’s OSR, without the child’s consent. Where a student of 16 or 17 has withdrawn from parental control, this right would likely not apply.

I once again called you on January 13, 2022 at 12:13 pm to refer you to the MFIPPA, and to remind you that under its provisions ****** was entitled to the records without consent of her parents.

You once again responded that you would "look into it", and made no effort to give a time frame or ask for return contact information.

As you had been informed that ****** was attempting to register for school in *********, **, United States, and would know from her school record that she was over the age of 16, the wishes of her father and stepmother (Kenneth A and Mary S Shaw) would no longer come into play.

As an educator myself, I find it reprehensible that you would knowingly and willfully interfere with any student's attempt to continue with their education, and question whether or not you truly belong in the educational field.

Yet your refusal to provide ****** and ********* City School District with her school record demonstrated just that negative attribute.

Your recalcitrance is not preventing her from attending school, it is merely preventing her from being appropriately enrolled in the courses which would result in the best educational outcome for ****** at the earliest possible time.

This is abhorrent behavior for any educator, especially one holding a position as an educational leader such as a building principal.

I am requesting that you immediately provide a copy of [my child's] student record to ********* City School District/********* High School so that she might be correctly enrolled in a course of study towards her diploma.

The contact information for Central Registration is: 
[Not relevant to the privacy of the post]

The contact information for ********* High School is:
[Not relevant to the privacy of the post]

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


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