Friday, June 5, 2020

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword - Part 1 - Binary Value THE CURRENT MATH PROBLEM

Based on some of the news headlines this morning, I felt that a second math problem would give a meaningful example of the binary nature of human life.

The statement "10-15% of all people" is an easy illustration to use.

A quick review of the math you need to use - it is called the "percent equation" and works like this:

n = % x t

n is the number of people that fit the description
% is changed to a decimal (move the decimal point two places to the left)
t is the starting total population

Using this information, lets look at a room full of ten people (since ten had been set as a gathering limit under COVID-19 restrictions).

n = .15 x 10

Under this equation, that means 1.5 people in that room. Imagine being with a group of people you know very well, and discovering that 1.5 of them fit the description given.

But under the binary nature of life, that actually means two of those people who you know. Think about those people - do you really believe it?

Know your math! 

Know that life matters!

Know that you can bring change!

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